Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the rain ruin my window cleaning?

No! If your windows are clean and it rains. Chances are the rain will dry clear. Most of the time, when your windows are dirty, they will look worse. However, we offer a 7-day rain guarantee where if it rains up to 7 days after we clean your windows, we will come back out and fix any spotty windows for you.

How do you clean the windows? 

First, we remove screens and then use traditional methods - scrubber and squeegee. Or we use a purified water system where purified water comes through a brush, and we can scrub and rinse your windows down simultaneously. It is a very delicate process. There’s no high pressure involved.

How often should I clean my windows?

We recommend at least every six months to 1-year maximum. But we also offer discounts on more frequent cleanings if you prefer, such as bi-monthly, quarterly, etc.

How do you accept payment?

We make everything easy peasy for you. Our system accepts cards, Apple Pay, or other methods. Or you can pay us by cheque or cash once the work is finished.

Do you offer discounts?

We do, indeed. We offer seasonal promotions and 15% off when you choose any three or more of our services.

I’ve never had any cleaning services done. I’m not sure where to start.

Call or book a request with us, and we will spend as long as you need to determine what’s best for you.

Do you have a minimum service charge?

We have a $199 minimum service charge. This is so that we can pay our team well and they can treat every home as if it were their own.